2014 White Castle Run

2014 White Castle Banner

Ok Guys and Gals. People have been wanting to do an event or a drive, so we thought it would be fun to combine the two and start off the season with a fun drive to Columbia for tasty White Castle! I have noted the details below. We will have a flyer with directions and other info that we will hand out the morning of the event. This is weather permitting since there is always a chance for snow during this time of year. We will leave at 10:00 am on the dot in order to make it to Columbia by lunch. It’s about a 2 hour drive. We would really like to keep the drive civil… Stick to posted speed limits in order to keep together as a group and get some good pictures. More details will be posted as we get closer to the event. Please let us know if you have any questions. Let’s make it a big event!

** Please bring any two-way radios you may have, so we can keep contact if needed. We all have cell phones, but two-ways are much easier to talk as a group. **

When: Saturday, April 19th 2014
Meeting Location: Quay Coffee – 412 Delaware, Kansas City, MO 64105
Time: After Cars and Coffee / Leave at 10:00 am
Destination: White Castle – 3401 Clark Lane, Columbia, MO 65202